Saturday, December 12, 2009

without further ado...our official logo!

A very talented and generous friend of mine, Brandi Price, is one of many reputable graphic designers interested in helping with logo and sign designs for Avid Bookshop.  I cannot thank her enough for dedicating her time to the project and taking this on as a pro bono assignment.  (And another very special thanks to Kristyn Lilley, who was also up for the task.)

I showed Brandi a photo of my favorite typewriter (purchased at my friend Courtnie's moving sale last year) and told her I'd like the color and style of the typewriter to be reflected in the logo.  I explained my vision for the store's atmosphere:  I want an organized, clean look that also feels homey and comfortable for every customer.  A tall order for a store, let alone its accompanying logo.  But Brandi took my words and ran with them. 

During a video conference a couple of months back, she unveiled the two designs she'd created.  After evaluating the designs myself and asking for several trusted friends' and colleagues' feedback, I decided on Brandi's first design.  Brandi tweaked a couple of details and emailed me the final logo.

I LOVE IT.  I hope you do, too.  When you look at this logo, what sort of bookstore do you expect to encounter?  What other businesses' logos do you strongly respond to, and why?  I'd love to see what designs speak to you--and which ones do NOT.


Anonymous said...

use the typerwiter!

Avid Bookshop said...

Worry not, Anonymous--the typewriter will still play a role in the store. Maybe in the front window? Maybe on a display shelf? This baby's not going anywhere.