Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer's sweltering heat is here...

...and it's not even summer yet! 

Ah, Georgia.  I love you and your too-cozy, energy-zapping humidity, languid evenings on the porch, and early mornings walking as the sun burns the last of the cool air away.

Things have been busy as usual around here.  That 2-week turnaround time it takes to get one's sales and use tax certificate isn't  It's been 9 weeks for me, so I'm alternating between pestering the state of Georgia and trying to exercise patience.

I'm honored to be a regular contributor to the popular Athens website Beyond the Trestle.  Today the site published my inaugural post; look for me on Wednesdays to talk about literature and reading. This week's entry is called "A Literary Love Affair."  Please use the comments section to let me know what you think!