Wednesday, October 28, 2009

continuing the conversation about how we can make Athens better

Yesterday I learned about Elaine Ely, a woman who recently returned to Athens after living far away for awhile.  She and I exchanged a few emails about the downtown Athens scene as well as my take on what Avid Bookshop's role will be in town.  Today, her first installment in a series called "Athens Impressions" was in Flagpole magazine. 

Perhaps her most salient point, bookstore-wise, is that Athens lacks a cultural center.  Sure, we have an arthouse cinema, music venues, a gigantic university, a nationally-recognized literary magazine (Georgia Review), and tons of artists and writers, but where do all these factors combine? And why the heck don't we have a new bookstore to help bring these people and cultural elements together?  Ely gives a quick shout-out to Avid Bookshop (for which I'm grateful).  Please read the article and let me know what you think. Do you agree with Elaine's view of Athens? What do you think we can do to bring people together in more meaningful ways?

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